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Our Story

We’re a San Francisco based game development company that’s obsessed with making engaging social mobile games.  Our story officially began in 2010, but we’ve been in the gaming and mobile space for years.  From the beginning of mobile phone games on J2ME and BREW to the launch of the iOS and Android app stores, we’ve been there through the initial rise and the inevitable maturity of the industry.

Our founding team has worked for Atari, EA, Floodgate/Zynga, and PlayFirst, and has decades in the gaming industry.  Profitable from day one and self-funded, we’re extremely excited to still be on the forefront of gaming.  Our goal since inception has been to bring our AAA production values to the mobile space, creating exciting and connected experiences that bring fun into every day life.  With our Top 10 game franchise, Design This, and other secret projects we are cooking up, we’re looking forward to what’s next!

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Our Technology


Our proprietary framework that sits on top of cross-platform engine Unity©


Our robust social network platform to manage players across all of our titles


Deeply integrated analytics system with a layer of custom built tools to make sense of millions of metrics

Two-pronged Approach

Data Science

There is no perfect formula to creating the perfect game, but we think we can get pretty close.  Between Predictive Modeling, A/B Testing, data mining and deep analytic analysis, we’ve got data down to a science.  Many developers base their entire development process around these numbers, but that’s only one half of the story.


If the core game experience isn’t good, the best data analysis in the world won’t be able to fix it.  We have years of experience in creating that intangible aspect that sterile numbers don’t quite understand – fun.  We love to play and know how to design games that others will too.  Working in tandem with extensive data science is when the real magic happens.



“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  -Lewis Carroll